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Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design on Fabric, Jane Dunnewold  
Art Cloth picks up where Complex Cloth left off, showing how to layer processes with the latest products to create stunning cloth for use in a variety of fiber art. The book includes detailed step-by-step wet media surface design techniques, a discussion of how the use of color and design  contribute to successful layering and project ideas for the skills learned. 

Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth: Stamp, Screen & Stencil with Everyday Objects,  Rayna Gillman  
In Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth, the fabrics are wonderful and inspiring, the instructions are  easy to follow, and the ideas are abundant. Not only does Rayna teach readers the basics, she provides them with the information and tools needed to take their fabrics as far as creatively possible. --Quilting Arts Magazine  

Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts, Rayna Gillman  
This is the perfect book for modern quilters who want to push the boundaries,make original work, and not worry about "perfect."  

Dyeing Alchemy: A Primer About Procion MX Dyeing
Diane Franklin  
Learn the basics of dyeing plant-based fabrics using Procion-MX dyes. The companion workbook, Dyeing Alchemy: An Interactive Workbook, automatically does all the complicated dyeing math needed to dye fabric by weight. 

Irresistible Texture: Using Resists to Create Stunning Cloth,  Lisa Kerpoe  
Add unique texture and pattern to your cloth with five easy, inexpensive and versatile resists. In this  DVD, Kerpoe demonstrates the use of oatmeal, potato dextrin, commercial water-based resists, sodium alginate paste and soy wax. Detailed instructions for preparing and applying each resist are  covered, along with benefits and application techniques for each resist, tips for applying color, wash-out procedures and tips and advice based on Kerpoe's expertise in working with these resists.  

The Missing Alphabet: The Parent's Guide to Creative Thinking in Kids, Susan Marcus, Susie  Monday & Cynthia Herbert 
This book takes many of the creative process ideas taught by Susie and presents them for an audience of parents of young children, most specifically those ages 4 to 7. However, many of the  activities and exercises, as well as the general information about creative process and the Sensory  Alphabet are of value and use to artists and learners of all ages, with or without children.  

Vibrant Color: Combining Soy Wax and Dye for Brilliant Results, Lisa Kerpoe, Jane  Dunnewold  
Did you ever wonder what would happen if you combined MX dyes with soy wax resist? The results are intriguing. This book covers three techniques: soy wax crayons,perfect for writing, drawing and  rubbings; using hot wax and dye to stamp, dip and brush on color and making a dye paste that is the  perfect consistency for stenciling. Loaded with photos of all the techniques, the book also includes  techniques for adding background color, directions for steaming the fabric and building an inexpensive steamer at home, instructions for removing the excess wax and dye and troubleshooting  tips.

Visual Texture on Fabric: Create Stunning Art Cloth with Water Based Resists, Lisa Kerpoe  
This comprehensive guide covers the use of eight water-based resists and seven techniques for  applying them. With years of experience experimenting and perfecting her techniques, Lisa Kerpoe shares detailed instructions for mixing and applying the resists, benefits and drawbacks of each  resist, tips to achieve success, troubleshooting guidelines, techniques to successfully remove the  resists and complete information on working with easy-to-use fiber reactive dyes. The book is also a visual feast - with numerous full-color photographs of  cloth created with each technique.  A generous gallery section shows finished artwork by the author and other textile artists.

Wild and Wonderful 3D Quilts‚Äč, Mary Vaneecke 

Follow along with award-wining quilter Mary Vaneecke as she shares her inventive yet simple techniques for 3-D quilts that break out of the ordinary.  Come out and play!  In this book, you'll find:

Fun and whimsical new ways to work with your favorite fabrics.
Inspiration to stretch your creativity.
Tips for using novelty and panel fabrics from your stash.
Step-by-step instructions for four unique projects.