Core values of Art Cloth Network

Value each member’s contribution

We value the diverse backgrounds, opinions, interests, and talents of our members, and we expect each member to contribute to the success of the group by contributing their talents, to the extent that they are able.

Good quality interaction

We are united by our love of art cloth and our commitment to our identities as artists, and so we strive for good group communication by listening to each other, working through our differences, and remaining open to learning, change, and growth.

Change & growth

We are willing to try new things and take risks, because we believe that change and well managed risk bring opportunity and growth.

Personal growth

We are committed to learning and personal growth, and we share our work, technical knowledge, and business skills with one another, while carefully respecting privacy and confidentiality.

Broad definition of art cloth

We embrace a broad and evolving definition of what constitutes art cloth.

Expanding our reach in the world

We actively seek opportunities to exhibit our work, both individually and as a group, in order to promote and raise awareness of ourselves and the group and to educate the general public about the medium of art cloth.