The Space Between juried by Judith Content, 2018

Unbound     juried by Michael James, 2017

Color Affects     juried by Katherine Ellis, 2016

Anything Goes     juried by Elin Noble, 2015

Material View     juried by Michael Olzewski, 2014

Illumination     juried by Bruce Hoffman, 2013

Interpretations     juried by Jan Myers-Newberry, 2012

Lines and Numbers, An exhibit at Fiber Philadelphia 2012 (a combined showing of "Beyond the Line" and "24 x 80")

Beyond the Line     juried by Jeanne Beck, 2011

24 x 80     juried by Els van Baarle, 2010

Unexpected Patterns: Quake!     juried by Miriam Nathan-Roberts, 2009

Alterations     juried by Elin Noble, 2007

Undercurrents     juried by Akemi Nakano Cohn, 2005

Detailed Exhibition History